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The Foundation is offering its peace-building guides free to teachers.

 Peacebuilding Storytelling Guide 

Copyright restrictions apply but we would appreciate any feedback from teachers who wish to use any or all of the activities in the guides. Both are suitable for children from ages 7 to 15.

Please e-mail with your suggestions and recommendations.


How to use the Peacebuilding Storytelling Guide 

It has been uploaded and is in html format. Please first read the preface by Dr Jane Goodall and the foreword by Ralph Summy, then proceed to the introduction and work your way through the chapters. Each chapter will introduce you to the different peace-building elements defined by the Foundation as being important to peace-building stories.

view the Guide at: Peacebuilding Storytelling Guide


Children love hearing stories. For generations special stories have been able to open hearts and minds to our common humanity and our dreams for peace. Peace-building stories possess a special magic of their own. When shared with children they can seed a myriad of ideas and possibilities for all kinds of different and creative teaching and learning opportunities. The stories used in the guide present ways in which we can all work together to create peace with ourselves, with each other and with the environment and to move beyond the prevailing, limited definitions of peace. Peace affects every aspect of our living and being and at no other time in history is more relevant to our future existence upon the earth.

The guide presents ideas for using peace-building stories with middle to upper primary school students and early secondary level students who then might be motivated to create their own peace-building stories. Peace-building especially involves working toward win-win and nonviolent resolutions and requires creative and imaginative thinkers willing to embark upon new and peaceful ways of living and being. The guide is non-prescriptive and invites creative thinking and seeks to build a peace-building consciousness within our classrooms and schools and beyond. Examples of children’s stories are also presented.

Thank you!

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