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In July 2003 the Teaching and Learning for Peace Foundation was formed as a non-profit association based in Adelaide South Australia. The foundation is endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as an income tax exempt charity (ITEC). Its specific mission is to document, support, develop and present peace-building possibilities based upon storytelling processes to communities both locally and internationally, connecting via the Internet with the purpose of bringing adults and children together to share in the peace-building process. Our work directly attends to the improvement of the emotional, mental, physical and social and most importantly, the spiritual well being of both adults and children in all communities. Peace-building processes involve communities directly attending to healing the dis-ease created by a lack of peace, at all levels in people’s lives. The intrinsic elements of peace-building stories are utilised by the foundation in the healing and rebuilding activities undertaken.

We attend to these needs both pro-actively and reactively.


  • to directly aid the healing and the rebuilding of peaceful communities by reactively and proactively responding to the disruption and disharmony caused from a lack of peace
  • to facilitate the sharing of peace-building stories, songs and activities 
  • to focus communities upon stories of hope and peace, with happy endings, ones in which everyone wins
  • to develop processes that allow for cross-cultural and cross-generational sharing of peace-building stories
  • to help create a world our children deserve to inherit


  • to facilitate the sharing of peace-building stories, songs and activities via a website for adults and children

  • to develop peace-building materials (guides, stories, CDs, posters and web-based materials) for teachers, librarians and parents
  • to present workshops to both adults and children to share stories and inspire the creation of more peace-building stories
  • to develop an in-schools support programme for teachers and school librarians using peace-building stories across the curriculum
  • to develop a peace-builders camp programme
  • to seek and develop partnerships and collaborations with individuals, governments and organisations to enhance the quality of our programmes

Foundation Board Members:

Michelle Hodgins: public officer +  financial manager +  peace educator

Paul Hodgins: peace educator +  camp manager

Peter Kasser: international advisor

Hamid Hossaini: international peace-builder +  advisor

Robyn Ewing: education advisor

David Smith: education advisor

Dennis Mason: secretary +  student counsellor +  camp manager

Ann Mason: website manager +  peace educator

Special Advisors:

Jacqui Cookes: story advisor


The Teaching and Learning for Peace Foundation is a non-profit organisation, endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as an income tax exempt charity (ITEC). From January 2008, the Foundation will begin earning an income from presenting storytelling workshops and programmes, from the publishing or selling of its materials and from peace-building activities organised by it. All our services will be available to any individual or community, both locally and internationally, who wish to use any of them. In 2005 we began applying for grants from organisations that may wish to support our work.

As part of our role involves the sharing of stories created by children, either via the website or in workshops, it is imperative that we seek the children's permission to do so. Each has graciously given us permission to use their stories and work, and accompanying this is we have their parents' consent. Permission should therefore be sought by any person or organisation before the children's work is to be used in any way beyond the foundation's domain and should be arranged via the foundation's administration offices before doing so.                                     


Authors or storytellers whose stories are presented at the website or in workshop activities have also graciously given permission for us to do so. Their personal contact details are provided, therefore, permission must be sought by any person or organisation wishing to use the stories in a manner that is beyond the normally expected reading or sharing of their stories, especially if the activities involve the exchange of monies.

The foundation is extremely grateful for the support given by the people and organisations listed on the links page. We have no direct association with any other organisations or peoples and therefore the views expressed at their websites or by themselves may not necessarily be supported by our organisation.

The foundation holds copyright on any of its written materials therefore permission must be sought before any can be used for presentation in any form beyond that which the foundation itself presents either in workshops or at the website.

Our children deserve a world that honours and respects the rights of others so please support us with our efforts to ensure this occurs.

Yours in peace,

The Foundation Board Members.

©The Teaching and Learning for Peace Foundation April 2012

The Foundation is endorsed as a non-profit income tax exempt charity. Incorporation Number: A37614 ABN: 15592837505

April 2012 (last update)

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