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The Not So Scary Witch
©Laura Scrimgeour (aged 9 years)

Once there was a house. Some people said it was haunted and some people said an ugly monster lived in it but really a nice old witch lived in it. Her name was Lucy. The only problem was Lucy was too shy to come out of her house. She was different to most witches. She was friendly and she was to happy stay at home. She did all kinds of things at home. She polished her broom stick and played with her cat but one day she wanted a real friend so she set off on her broom and she flew all night. But when morning came she decided to have a rest. She thought she was never going to find a friend. She was just about to give up and go home when Spook the Ghost came along. He said that the other ghosts kicked him out of the house because he told them not to be mean to other people. Lucy asked Spook if he would like to live with her. They ended up being the best of friends.



©Gus Simpson (aged 9 years)

There was once a dragon called Flamer. He lived on Dragon Mountain. It was wonderful. It had a magic stream and Groomberry trees and Thobobanhas but Flamer thought he wasn’t good at anything. All the other dragons were good at things and they teased him because Flamer wasn’t good at anything. One day he decided to search for things that he might be good at. First he tried swimming with Fisholoop the Barracuda but he couldn’t hold his breath long enough and he had no gills. With a big sigh he left Fisholoop’s stream and thanked him for his kindness. He did not return to Dragon Mountain until the next day. He had been camping out for the night and had caught Floowd (a sort of dragon cold.) As he took the anti Floowd medicine he vowed that he would find his dragon experience (in other words find out what he was good at). Today he would try and look in the treetops of the jungle nearby. He found a monkey called Monkmatix who was very nice and showed Flamer around the jungle and how to swing from treetop to treetop and branch to branch except Flamer was too heavy to hold the branches. They just crackled under his weight. Monkmatix said that for his own safety he’d better come and have tea with him in his bamboo house. They discussed where Flamer should go next and Monkmatix let him sleep in his spare bed. Flamer thanked Monkmatix for being so kind and said:
“I must be off now! Goodbye!”
“Goodbye I hope you find your inner dragon,” replied Monkmatix.
As Flamer flew into the early sun he saw some icicles in the frost lands. He landed on an open palate of icy ground. Then he saw a gigantic ice cave. It was very misty and Flamer was very cold. Just then he saw a movement in the cave and he heard something moving behind him.
“Who’s there!” Flamer shouted.
“Only me!” replied a small voice.
“What’s your name?” asked the voice.
“Flamer! What’s yours?” bellowed Flamer.
“No need to shout. My name is Ick the Ice Dragon!” Just then a dragon no taller than Flamer, jumped out from behind an icicle. After having a big talk Ick said:
“It is very hot but there is no need to go now Flamer. I have some special ice dust for these things!” After they raced around the cave and blew fire and ice. Just then Flamer realized that he was doing all the things the other dragons could do.
They didn’t even stop for dinner. They started to talk about how it would be when they were older.
”It would be cool!” and they talked and talked. “But when you get older like my grandpa you lose your wings so it wouldn’t be that good!”
Just then the whole ice cave rumbled and a gigantic purple dragon appeared and snorted huge flames flowing from his nostrils. The cave was melting very quickly. Flamer and Ick flew out of the cave just in time. The cave shattered and ice flew everywhere. The purple dragon was injured. He chased after them shooting fireballs that barely missed them. They flew as fast as they could.
“We can’t just run. It will catch us!” They turned and together they shot a fireball and a frost ball and they joined together and smashed the purple dragon. It froze him from the outside and burned him from the inside.
“Oh no!” sighed Ick. “I don’t have anywhere to live now!”
“Don’t be so glum. There is an ice part on Dragon Mountain,” said Flamer. “Really! You’re not kidding!” yelled Ick and they flew back to dragon mountain. Ick was greeted like a normal dragon and everybody shared their fruit with Ick.
They found special seeds when they were older and grew them. After a while they turned into candy. Flamer and Ick decided they were very old for dragons. They had lost their wings and gave most of the candy they grew to the townsfolk and their children and lived happily ever.


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