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Wan Hu is in the Stars
©Henry Simons (aged 8 years)

Wan Hu lived in a small village near Beijing. For all his life he wanted to go and see the heavens in the stars. One morning Wan Hu went to see his friend the gardener. His friend the gardener had an idea. He said,
“You could climb the mountain because our mountains are very high.” The next day Wan Hu went to climb the mountain but he was nowhere near the stars and went back to the village. The next morning Wan Hu went to his friend the gardener with one shoe on his foot.
“Why are you wearing one shoe?” said the gardener.
“I was too busy thinking about the stars,” said Wan Hu.
“Well maybe you could tie some geese and cranes to yourself,” said the gardener. That afternoon Wan Hu tied the geese and cranes to his hands, but the geese flew east and the cranes flew west. That night when Wan Hu was walking home he saw the fireworks lighting up the sky and that gave him an idea. The next morning Wan Hu went to the rocket makers and bought 47 rockets. When he was walking to the launching spot people said he was insane. Wan Hu looked up at the stars and now he is on his way to join his dreams


Wan Hu is in the Stars
©Nathi Wilkinson (aged 8 years)

Wan Hu was a man who was a dreamer. He dreamed of travelling to the stars and wanted to discover how they hung in the sky.
His friend the gardener had a great idea to climb on eof the highest mountains, but it did not work.
Wan Hu tried harnessing birds that fly high in the sky. But the cranes went eat and the geese went west. He could not fly anywhere.
He bought 47 big red and orange rockets from the rocket makers for 47 dollars. After he bought the 47 rockets he set them on fire and went so high that he got covered in smoke on his bamboo chair.
Wan Hu made it, and God helped him in things he needed like writing pens for his poems and he became rich and famous because people could read his wonderful poems. He returned to earth and arrived safely and told his friends the answer, how the stars are pinned to the heavens.


Wan Hu is in the Stars
©Vinay (aged 8 years)

Once upon a time in a village near Beijing lived Wan Hu. Wan Hu was a silly dreamer who dreamed of travelling to the stars. One day when Wan Hu was talking to the gardener about his desire to know how the stars were pinned to the heavens. So the gardener suggested climbing one of the mountains. Wan Hu tried this idea but the mountains were too small. So the gardener suggested tying geese and cranes to himself so they would fly to the heavens. He tried this but it did not work. One day when he was watching the fireworks at the queen’s birthday party a thought occurred to him. The next day Wan Hu bought 47 rockets and blasted off into outer space. He went approximately 2.8 kilometres before the chair turned around and headed back to earth but he accidentally landed in Australia. As he was walking through the jungle he met an Aboriginal tribe who told him why the stars were pinned to the heavens. He then took a boat and returned home to his village and re told the villagers of his adventure to Australia. He also told the villagers how he had learned how the stars were pinned to the heavens.


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