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The Dream Dragon of New York
©William May (aged 9 years)

Once upon a dream time there was a dream dragon. He lived in the deep blue sea next to New York City. He came out every night to fulfil the dreams of the New Yorkers and to keep them peaceful and joyful. But one night the dream dragon did not come and the people of New York were troubled and worried. But these people of New York were clever and smart and they thought of ways of recapturing the dragon so that the grandparents could have their dreams of keeping the city safe from enemies, the parents could have theirs of keeping the children safe from vicious dogs and the children have their dreams of storytelling. The grandparents chose to weave a huge blanket so they could recapture him. The parents chose to recapture him by playing music for him so he would be enchanted by it and the children chose to recapture him by telling their happy stories. The dragon thought he could hear music and storytelling and believed the people were celebrating without him! So he came out of the deep blue sea and into the city. The grandparentsí blanket caught the dream dragon and he agreed to fulfil their dreams if they treated him like a normal dragon. They agreed to treat him normally and they lived peacefully and joyfully ever after.


Dream Dragon
by ©Zane Handley (aged 9 years)

Once upon a time there was a dream dragon. He was the smallest but the nicest dragon who ever lived. He lived on top of a rainbow and he protected the village and told the children stories in their dreams at night. One day he did not come. The old people wept and the young people cried. Smoke was every where. The dragon was screaming because someone was trying to kill him but luckily the children of America had so much love for him they saved him and will believe in him forever.


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