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Sacha the Koala
©Nic Meyers (11 years old)

One day there was a koala and she was called Sacha. She lived in Melbourne and every morning she would drive to work. She was a grumpy lawyer and always got stuck in heavy traffic. She got so grumpy with Melbourne traffic that she bought herself a Ferrari and a Lamborghini but she still could not fix the traffic problem. She would swear at every car and yell and beep her horn very loudly. But that still didn’t make the traffic move any faster. She even tried putting a super sized bull bar on her car. Nothing worked and day after day she would get speeding tickets and reckless driving tickets.
One day Sacha was driving to work when she screamed at the driver of the car in front to hurry up. The driver got out of the car and flashed his police badge at her and told her to be quiet. He explained to her that it was important she be patient and treat the other drivers respectfully. Sacha was very scared but pleased the policeman explained to her that she needed to change her ways. From that day on Sacha didn’t go through red lights yelling at people or smashing their cars with her super sized bull bar. She knew that it was important to obey the laws so that everyone would be safe. She was much happier also.

Podge the Dragon
©Kelsey Wheaton (9 years old)

Once there was a dragon in Dragon Land named Pudge which only fed on vegetables that looked like meat. Pudge was very unpopular, mostly because he was so podgy. He grew yummy vegetables in the shape of meat so that he could be popular. Unlike the other dragons Pudge did not like meat because the dragons were being cruel to all the Oodles that were their livestock. Oodles are crazy sheep, cross bird cross cow livestock that the dragons eat. Pudge bred Oodles so that he would have lots of friends. A few days after a recent festival Pudge had moved into the mountains for more land for his Oodles. One day later some of the Oodles had disappeared from the farm. Pudge had no idea what had happened to them so the next day he set out to find them. The next day Pudge set out to find the Oodles and before he left he saw a dragon by the name of Crabin. Crabin was Dragon Land's biggest criminal. But then Pudge saw what Crabin was holding it was his Oodles. Pudge ran after because he was so chubby but then he flew until Crabin flew too high for him and then he just dropped out of the sky. When Pudge woke up he found himself in a den of another dragon but it wasn’t Crabin’s. It was another dragon that did not eat meat because there were no bones and there were heaps of vegetables and fruit. When Pudge walked around he saw that there was two dragons in there. He walked in and knocked on the wall and said: ‘Hello!’ to the other two dragons. They were quite scared at first and then when they introduced themselves and they got to be friends. The smaller one was named Annex and he had big round eyes and the taller one was named Bozo and he had a huge head and big feet. When Pudge told them about the story of Crabin and all the Oodles that he had taken, but once he had said that they took him just outside to show him Crabin’s cave. Afterwards Bozo and Annex told Pudge all about what had happened to their Oodles and then they decided they were going to get all of the Oodles back. Later when they were leaving Crabin turned up and blew them back into the cave so it would bide him some time to get away to steal more things. When Pudge and his friends had got to the cave they peeked in and when it was clear they searched everywhere until they saw the Oodles and all of the appliances with Crabin. But what was Crabin doing with the Oodles. He was cooking them food and being friendly to them. This was different a change in Crabin. They tip toed towards the Oodles and then Crabin turned around and their hearts beat as fast as ever. Then Crabin saw them what would he do but then he said:
‘Would you like a cupcake?’ This was amazing. He was being nice instead of being angry. Pudge walked up to him and asked:
‘Why did you steal these things?’ and then he said:
‘I am very poor and I need friends. I was like you with no friends apart from Oodles and then the drought came and all of the Oodles died. So I got lonely and I thought the only way of getting friends was to steal Oodles and appliances to make the Oodles happy!’
‘The only way to get friends is to be yourself!’ said Pudge to Crabin. After a while Pudge and Crabin got to be friends and took him, Annex and Bozo to the town and then they all made friends unlike before when he didn’t have any friends. Then Dragon Land was free from robbers for eternity.


©Scott Wilkins and ©Simon Torpy (both 11 years old

This story is about a girl who was the leader of a rebellious gang. The people in that gang had lost their family in war. This made them so angry that they just wanted to kill the people for the fun of it.
This is our version of the story of Sonia:
One day in a quite village, a huge army swept through the village killing many of its people. In that village, there was a small girl who the only one that survived the tragic war that had gone through village. That girl's name was Sonia and she had seen her mum, dad, brother and sister being killed in front of her own eyes. Sonia walked to another town to find help, but she couldn't find any. Although she did find some other that had lost their family at war as well. Those children then became friends and started to make a gang for the purpose of getting revenge on the people who had killed their parents. They started killing people just so they could get some relief from when all their families died.
While this rebellious gang was killing people there lived a man called Hamid Hossaini. This man worked for the United Nations as a peacemaker for countries that had been damaged by war. On one of his trips to Tanzania he learned about a girl called Sonia. Mr Hossaini wanted to help this gang and its leader so that they could live a normal life. Mr. Hossaini called in his special police force and said to the police.
"Please find this gang and bring them to me unharmed." When the police found and arrested the gang, they were brought to Mr. Hossaini to be interviewed. In the interview room Mr. Hossaini talked to its leader and asked how old he was. He said he was a twenty one year old male but Mr. Hossaini didn't believe that and said you can go but come back tomorrow. The next day Mr. Hossaini interviewed the leader again and she admitted that he was a nineteen year old male but Mr. Hossaini still didn't believe this so he made him come back tomorrow. The next day Mr. Hossaini interviewed the leader and he said he was sixteen and underage. This was good information but he still didn't believe him so he got him to come back tomorrow. The next day Mr. Hossaini asked how old he was for the final time but as soon as he said that the leader said he was fourteen years old and was a girl named Sonia. This was shocking news to Mr. Hossaini and was amazed as she let down all of her hair down! Mr. Hossaini asked her if she wanted to go to school but she pleaded that she didn't want to go to school. So Mr. Hossaini said he would set up a fruit stall for her and she agreed that would be good. In the end Sonia got to sell fruits with the help of Mr. Hossaini and she lived happily ever after.


Peace Story
©Laura Scrimgeour and ©Emily Savis (both 11 years old)

"I'm not leaving without my baby!" cried Namanda Sani.
"You have no choice," said the man behind the desk.
"Can't we change the papers?"
"There is not file for a Rita Sani!" the man said impatiently. Namanda went back to her family and explained what happened. They decided that it wasn't safe in Pakistan so they would have to leave Rita with Namanda's sister. Namanda hesitated but had no choice ad she had to think about the rest of her family as well.
A couple of weeks passed and Namanda and her family left their screaming baby in the arms of Namanda's sister to go to Australia.
Ten years passed and Rita often wished she knew her family. Her Aunty showed her pictures of them but it wasn't the same. Rita was now ten years old and she always said that when she grew up she would find her family. Her Aunty was worried about her and didn't want her to go but when Rita was seventeen she left for Australia.
The trip on the leaky boat was horrible but when she arrived in Darwin she knew it had been worth it. Rita used the rest of the little money she had left on a plane trip to Adelaide. When she got there she looked in the phone book for her family. They were living in a small flat on the other side of town. Rita had to walk because she had no money, and it took her hours to get there but eventually she made it. She was so nervous her hands were trembling especially when she lifted her hand up to ring the doorbell. What if her parents left her in Pakistan because they didn't want her what if they didn't want to see her Rita thought to herself. Rita rang the bell and an old woman opened the door. Could this be her mother?
"Err hello," Rita mumbled nervously. "I think you are my mother."
"Rita!" her mother said. "Is that you?" Rita's parents were so excited to see her. They talked and talked for hours. Rita got a job and became an Australian citizen.


The Soldiers
©Olivia Porteous and ©Caitlin Smith (both 11 years old)

Kila had never known war, that is, until the soldiers came!
Kila was scaling fish for dinner when she saw white skinned men in green uniforms. One was heading towards the village. They looked a bit like Mr. Hossaini, a peacekeeper who had visited nine years ago. The one closest to the village was carrying a long bang-stick (a rifle). The stick suddenly went bang and a Parakeet fell out of a tree. Kila ran back to the village shouting out:
"Look out! Look out! Bang stick ahead!"
Kila was puffed but she managed to find the energy to jump into the chief's bedroom window where she found him having a snooze. The chief woke at the sound of his wife's cooking pot breaking. "What's going on?" he said sleepily as he got out of bed. Then another bang sounded and he jumped up. "I want all the men to the ambush positions! All men to their positions!"
Kila ran outside only to see lots of dead Parakeets lying on the ground and the white skinned men in green uniforms called soldiers picking them up. She looked up into a tree and saw a soldier sneaking up on her own pet Parakeet. Then she heard the bangs. Her mother grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back to their hut. "What's happening?" she asked shakily.
"We're moving out of this village tomorrow," answered her mother.
Kila was packing up her clothes when she heard another lot of bangs. Then she saw her big brother with a long stick out there fighting. "Where's dad?" she thought and looked everywhere for him. Then she saw him creeping around the side. She watched him and saw him steal a bang stick from the soldier's camp. He crept back round to the chief and gave him the bang stick.
The next morning her mother got her up before dawn and told her that they had to leave. Her mother was crying so she asked her mother what was wrong and her mother said that her big brother had been injured in the ambush to defeat the soldiers and was staying with the chief until he got better.
A bit later they were all ready to go to another island where there was no fighting. Her mother and her got into the canoe first and then they lifted the two youngsters into the canoe with the neighbouring family. The two mothers rowed across while Kila sat talking with her friend and the youngsters played together and fished for food.
They arrived at the other island at sunset. It was a festival and Kila was expecting to see lights and dancers when she entered into the walls of the village but instead she saw no one out and nothing happening except for the ashes on the fire turning into coals. She could just see so she set up a tent with her friend.
The next morning her mother woke her up when the sun was above her head and told her that they were allowed to stay in the village but they had to collect the water from the lake every morning before breakfast. Kila was very happy about this and when she was dressed she ran about the village to find some other children to play with.
Twenty five years later Kila was scaling fish for tea when she saw some green uniformed men, like the one's which had visited 25 years ago but without bang sticks. The tallest one came up to her and said that he was an Australian and asked if he and his friends could stay and study the plants.
"Sure" Kila said, "Come this way."


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