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Fungus Mungus’s Big Adventure
©Billy Escritt (8 years old) and ©William May (11 years old)

Once upon a time there was a man called Fungus Mungus who wanted to leave his job as a truck driver and become a clown but there was not a circus in town. The only circus that was left was the Escritt Brothers Circus. The circus was in Adelaide but he was in South America. For Fungus Mungus to get to the circus Fungus Mungus had to get aboard a cargo plane. He hid in the cargo bay. Once he got off the plane he knew that he was in Antarctica. To make sure that he was in Antarctica, he checked the ground and all he saw was pure ice. Somehow he had to get to Adelaide and the answer was that he needed to board a ship that can break through the ice of the Antarctic waters. To get on the ship he had to get a job being a sailor and doing work on the ship. After weeks and weeks of work he finally got to Adelaide and Fungus Mungus’s ship pulled into Port Adelaide. Fungus Mungus did not know where the Escritt Brothers Circus was but he got directed by a nice man to follow the crowds and he will get there eventually. The crowds were all headed towards a huge black and white Big Top in the middle of the fairground. He entered the tent and was shocked by the amount of people that could fit in there and he walked right up to the judge’s table and accidentally tripped over. The Escritt Brothers thought this was so funny that out of the lots and lots of people that wanted jobs Fungus Mungus stood out. After the Escritt brothers stopped laughing and had calmed down a bit they gave him a job as a clown. Fungus Mungus wanted to be a tightrope walker so his favourite trick was juggling ten balls while balancing on a tightrope high up in the air and then falling down into the safety net. Fungus Mungus was the most famous clown in the circus after only a couple of weeks because the crowd was always amazed. Eventually Fungus Mungus taught his favourite son the ways of the clown and his favourite trick. After fifty years of working Fungus Mungus was an old clown and he broke his arm and could not balance on the tight rope anymore. This made Fungus Mungus so sad he stopped being a clown. All his friends wanted him to go back to the circus but his doctor said that his arm was not healed properly yet, which was a relief because Fungus Mungus could not face them yet. Fungus Mungus’s arm healed and he went back to the circus and did all his tricks except his balancing act at his welcome back party. Fungus Mungus loved his balancing act but he realised he loved the circus more, lived in his caravan at the circus for the rest of his life and he was finally happy.


©Gus Simpson (11 years old) and ©Ivana Jacobe (8 years old)

Pooofy was a lonely clown because she was only 12 and all the other clowns were at least 25 and a quarter. She was allowed to practise but she had to do it on her own. She was travelling with a circus called “Ayisa: The Circus of Life”. She was an acrobat, a joker and a mime. Everybody thought she was boring because she mimed but they didn’t know how much fun it was. The next day she got a baseball bat and chased a rat out of her room and accidently bumped into the meanest clown ever. His name was Cuddly but he wasn’t cuddly at all. He yelled at her for over five minutes then walked off. Pooofy was very angry because Cuddly had called her a failure but she wasn’t one. The next day she trained as hard as she could to prove Cuddly wrong. She learned new tricks from her only friend Bobo. He was a very old clown and he was experienced. He knew great tricks. One day he told Pooofy about the best trick known to mimekind. It was when you got so good at miming that all the things you acted out became real! The next day Pooofy tried and tried to get this trick right but she kept on falling over. Three months passed and the festival was starting soon and Pooofy was determined to learn this trick. The festival was three days away when something happened she was pretending to ride a bike when her feet lifted off the ground and she was actually riding an invisible bike. She suddenly lost control and fell off. She searched around on the ground for the bike but it had disappeared. Pooofy now knew how to do her major trick and she was all ready for tomorrow’s big day. The next day she entered the code to get backstage 56784 but nothing happened so she tried again 56784 again nothing. Someone had changed the code without telling her. She knew it was Cuddly because he had seen her practicing her new trick and he knew she would steal the show. Pooofy was worrying now so took off her shoe and tried to knock the lock off. After a while of hitting she noticed a chainsaw in the corner of the lion’s cage. The lion was sleeping at the moment so she crept into the cage. A mouse squeaked when Pooofy stepped on its tail and woke the lion. Pooofy screamed as the lion tried to bite off her leg. The lion knocked her over and scratched her leg so it bled. Pooofy screamed as loud as she could and Cuddly came running out to her. He grabbed the chainsaw and cut the bars of the cage. Then pulled his scariest face at the lion which ran away with its tail between its legs. Cuddly said:
“You’re on now, go!” and Cuddly stuck the chainsaw into the door and cut off the lock. Pooofy ran inside and did her act. She was brilliant and afterwards she made friends with Cuddly and everything was just fine.


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