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©Blaine Gillian and Helena Torpy (both 11 years old)

Just as Bill was going to deliver more insults the teacher burst through the door and told Bill to sit down and stop socialising.
“If only she knew that Sam and me actually get harassed all the time,” thought Alice.
The next day Alice was late for school because she had purposely stayed in the shower for an extra long time. When she arrived she noticed Bill was being particularly quiet, but she didn’t get her hopes up because he was probably just saving up his bullying until recess. Suddenly Bill burst into tears and Alice almost burst out laughing. Tough guy Bill who had always been her personal harasser was crying during class time!
Later she found out that Bill’s parents had split up earlier in the year and that all the harassment that Sam and she had suffered was actually caused by Bill being upset. He couldn’t cope with his parents separation so he took out his anger on other people.
Alice, Bill and Sam became friends and instead of the losers and winners groups at school everyone became part of the winners group and Sam and Alice didn’t have to cope with anymore harassment. As for Bill, instead of taking out his problems on other people he talked about them and was kind to others.


©Caitlyn Georgeson and Elliot Lewis (both 11 years old)

Bill sat in his seat, as if he was seen by Mr Zink he was certainly done for. Alice quietly whimpered in her seat and Sam did his best to try and cheer her up.
“Hey don’t listen to him,” he said. “He’s an idiot. He only teases us because his own life is too boring for him so he stuffs up everyone else's. Just ignore him!”
“But I can’t!” said Alice. “I’ve finally had enough!”
“QUIET!” yelled Mr Zink. “Thank you, now Alice what is the problem?”
“Nothing Mr Zink! It’s just hayfever!”
“But Sir,” said Sam. “It’s not. It’s Bill and jamie. They keep bullying and harassing us. Please do something. Look at Alice. It’s really hurtful and we’ve both had enough!”
“Yeah right!” said Jamie.
“QUIET!” yelled Mr Zink again. “Well if this is true, which I suspect it is, I think I might be seeing a bit more of you two after school for a couple of weeks,” Mr Zink said to Jamie and Bill. Alice glanced sideways at Sam and said:
“I’m glad you did that. Thanks, you really are a great friend.” And in the end Jamie and Bill saw Mr Zink for the next few weeks and Alice and Sam stayed friends, and a little bit more, for a long time.


©Martin Day and Darius Wyatt-Hossaini (both 11 years old)

“Today we are going to talk about harassment,” said the teacher. “If you ever find yourself being harassed stand up to your bullies and let them know how you feel. They might just stop.”
The message hit Alice hard because she knew it was exactly the position she was in but she didn’t know whether she could stand up to her bullies. It might make them bully her more. At recess she thought about it seeing one side then seeing the next but in the end she decided to stand up her herself. After all she had had enough. So at lunch she went straight to her bullies, Bill and Jamie, saying:
“I’ve had enough so stop harassing me and Sam. We’ll leave you alone if you leave us alone.” After a discussion Bill said:
“Fine, that’s OK. Just never come near us again.” When she went back to her class Sam said to her:
“That was the bravest thing I’d ever see.” The next morning she got to school early because this time she couldn’t wait to get out of bed.



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