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Ending by ©Rosie Ellenwood (11 years old)

Peter went home and told his mum all about what happened that day. Peter’s mum got really angry, but Peter told his mum to calm down.
The next day when Peter’s mum dropped him off at school she came in with him. Peter’s mum told the principal and the principal gave Alex detention. After school Alex went out and apologised to Peter and said he was just angry because his dog died the other day. Peter felt sorry for Alex and forgave him and everyone became friends again.


Ending by ©William May (11 years old)

Peter heard some more people talking about him and moved up to the back of the classroom. He decided he would tell the teachers if they did it again. Peter walked home quietly and alone that day. He did not understand why his friend had done it and he was going to tell his mum as soon as he got home. When Peter got home he talked to her about what had happened. When he had finished his mother who was as Peter was, was shocked and neither did she find out why Peter had done it. Peter’s mother decided to tell Alex’s mother that Alex had harassed her son at school today. She went to the phone and dialled the number.


Ending by ©Declan Barker (11 years old)

After school he went home riding the bus. He couldn’t sit with his friends because he had none. He went and sat at the back. He could never stop thinking about what had happened at school. He told his parents and they said “Just ignore it!”
Peter knew it would never work.


Ending by ©Catherine Grant (11 years old)

Oh look, it’s itty bitty Peta! Ha ha ha!” cried one of the boys. Peter stood up. His face turned red and his eyes were dark.
“Leave me alone! I don’t like being called names and I’m sure you wouldn’t either!” he shouted. He quickly sat back down as the teacher came in. She shot the class a disapproving look and then started lessons. At the end of the day a few people came up to Peter.
“We’re very sorry, Peter!” they all said together. “We didn’t realise you didn’t like us teasing. It was only a joke!” Peter smiled and forgave them. Just then Alex came up and apologised.
“There is just one name I want to call you, but it isn’t mean. It is little Peter, because you are so short! But I am really sorry and I won’t do it again. Please forgive me?”


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