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Princess Daisy and the Peace Touch
©Jessica Carlson-Jones (aged 11 years)

Once upon a time there lived a princess called Daisy. She was a kind and considerate girl who always thought of others. Her father (King Philip) on the other hand, was mean and self-centred. He was greedy and always wanted war. Daisy's mother (Queen Mary) was kind like Daisy and was always helpful. One day King Philip wanted war on Star Land. Daisy didn't want war on Star Land so she went into her room and cried. When she got tired she knelt down on her knees and said,
"Please I don't want him too. So can you please send me an angel or a magic touch so whenever I touch someone they will become peaceful? Thankyou! Amen!" Then she fell asleep. The next day Daisy woke up feeling very weird. When she got out of her room she saw two servants fighting. She went up to them and touched both of them on the back and said, "Stop fighting!" and they stopped and were friends again. Daisy thought to herself and said, "Did God answer my prayer?" Daisy didn't want anybody except her mum to know so she kept the secret to herself. She didn't want to try it on her dad until she knew if there was a password. Daisy went to her mum and said, "I have a peace touch. Whoever I touch will become peaceful. I want to know if there is a password, so can I use you as an experiment?" Daisy's mum said,
"Yes!" Daisy's mum began fighting with a dog. Daisy walked up to her and touched her on the back but nothing happened. Daisy looked back at where she was with the servants. Then she remembered what she had said. So she went up to her mum and said,
"Stop fighting!" Her mum stopped fighting. Daisy ran out of the room and touched her dad on the shoulder and said; "Stop fighting!" He stopped and he picked up the phone and rang Star Land and said sorry for all that he had done and then hung up. He threw all his war papers in the bin and went to eat his lunch. Daisy ran back up to her mum and said, "There is going to be no more war!" Daisy's mum gave Daisy a big hug and the family lived the family and all the people of Star Land lived happily ever after.


The Power Of Healing
©Prudence Buckland (aged 11 years)

My name is Jess and this is my story.

It was a cold, rainy 25th of July day and I was wondering what in the world I was going to do to amuse myself. My mum came into my room, and if you've ever met my mum you'll realise she's a bit out of the ordinary. You see my dad once told me that mum's mother was a fairy. When he told me that I was so shocked that I stayed away from her for a while but that soon wore off.
Anyway back to the story. My mum said to me:
"Come downstairs! I'd like to show you something!" So I followed her down, and we came to the old bookcase. Mum took a book out of a shelf and pressed the button behind it. The bookcase swung open like a door. Then my mum said: "Follow me!" So I did. The passage led down to a room where a very full bookcase, couch and table stood. I watched as mum took down probably the oldest and dustiest book of them all. Then she opened the book up and started to say these words: "Until the 31st of December when the girl shall be kneeling, may I grant her the power of healing." When mum came out of her trance-like state she said: "Darling you now have the gift of healing for a while." I was completely flabbergasted, and I very meekly said:

From that day on I was always going around mending illnesses, broken hearts, stressed out people, sad and hurt people. Then all too quickly it was the day before my gift was to be taken away. I thanked my mum again for letting me even have the gift and she replied:
"That's okay sweetie!" So before I went to bed that night I said to mum that gift was a blessing and she said: "I know because I had it too." I said:
"So that means your mum did the same thing to you, right?" All I got for an answer was yes.
The next day I went to the church and knelt down in front of the altar and I felt my gift being taken away. When I got home that night my mum was crying I said:
"What's wrong mum?" and dad told me that mum's mother had died. I reached out with my hand and said: "Let this work please!" It did and mum was cured of her sadness because of my touch. It had not gone after all! From that day on we were all happy and I kept my gift of healing.


The Touch of Friendship
©Caitlin Smith (aged 10 years)

Elizabeth had a blessing, a blessing for the touch of friendship. Whoever she touched was a friend to everyone. She got very popular and was able to stop fighting. But she didn't like being popular. She wanted to be left in peace and quiet but whenever she told anyone this they always laughed and called her a liar. The only people who would listen were her very special friends. Of course she had heaps of friends, but the only ones she could trust were Alex, Laura, Emily and Sarah. They didn't have any idea what to do so Elizabeth decided to tell her Aunty Liz. Aunty Liz was a witch and a very good one at that. She was the one who gave Elizabeth her touch of friendship. When Elizabeth asked if she could stay at Aunty Liz's house her mum said yes. Elizabeth started to pack her bag straight away because Aunty Liz was coming to pick her up at 4.00pm. When her Aunty Liz came to pick her up she was dressed in black and flying on a broomstick. When they got to Aunty Liz's house, that was an old castle with a lot of cobwebs, the first thing Elizabeth saw was a cute little kitten. It belonged to Aunty Liz's old cat Midnight. Elizabeth later found out that the kitten's name was Moonshade. When they got inside Elizabeth asked her whether she could do anything about being popular and Aunty Liz said yes. Aunty Liz and Elizabeth decided that Aunty Liz should cast a spell on Elizabeth. Whenever she wanted to she could draw a circle around herself and nobody could come near her unless she wanted them to.
The next school day Elizabeth drew a circle around herself and called Alex, Laura, Emily and Sarah to join her and they had a quiet little time all by themselves.


Queen Ophelia
©Stephanie Sanson (aged 11 years)

If you are expecting a serious down to earth story DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!
This story is about fairies, queens, kings and magic.

The story starts on a warm sunny day on the 16th of September. Queen Ophelia was the most ugly Queen for many centuries and she had bucked teeth, bright red, messy and tangly hair, freckles, a BIG nose and sticky out ears. She lived in the most ugly palace and kingdom ever! But she was kind on the inside and that's why King Kambar loved her. King Kambar was the MOST handsome king in centuries - he had blue eyes, straight teeth, curly light brown hair (and a nice sized nose). He was Ophelia's dream man and they really loved each other and neither would do anything without consulting the other about making rules for the kingdom. But Ophelia's one dream was to have the touch of beauty.
On Saturday the 16th of September just 2 days after Ophelia and Kambar's 3rd wedding anniversary an old beggar knocked on the palace door. He asked the servant who answered it for food and shelter, and just as the servant was about to turn the beggar away Ophelia passed by and asked who it was. The servant stepped aside to reveal the beggar. Ophelia took pity on the beggar and invited him in and had the servants take care of him until he was well rested and well fed. The beggar thanked Ophelia for her kindness and told her something good would happen to her and then he left. Just as the beggar was walking away he transformed into the Fairy King and flew back to his Fairy Queen to tell of the kindness. When he arrived he told his queen all about it. She immediately flew to the castle to grant Ophelia one wish. When Ophelia opened the door and found the beautiful Fairy Queen standing there she almost fainted and wished she was as beautiful. Afterwards the Fairy Queen told her about the wish and she didn't stop to think about it. She just said that her heart's desire was to have the touch of beauty. Immediately the wish was granted and she had the touch of beauty. The first thing she touched was the floor and the old scared floorboards turned into polished marble. Then Ophelia ran around the palace and touched everything! Just as she was about to go outside to touch all the things in her kingdom she remembered her own ugliness and suddenly felt embarrassed. Then she reached up to her face and touched herself. Ophelia ran in to a room with a mirror and marvelled at the reflection and from that moment on Ophelia became vain and selfish and she had every room in the palace lined with mirrors. She also though went outside and touched all the weeds in the garden and they became beautiful.

Soon Kambar became sick and tired of her vanity and he told her that he loved her the way she was but Ophelia ignored him. So that night Kambar slipped away to live with his kind aunt. And all the servants grew tired of her vanity and left too. Ophelia was left alone with no one to marvel at her beauty or serve her. After walking around the village and touching everything ugly she could find she became lonely and unhappy so she went to see the Fairy Queen and ask her what to do. The Fairy Queen told her that the only way for her to be happy was to wash her beauty away in the river of sadness. Ophelia reluctantly did as she was told and washed away her beauty. Kambar came back and so did all the servants. And that was when Kambar told her that she was beautiful on the inside and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But her kingdom remained beautiful forever and ever and many people moved there. As for Queen Ophelia, well she hired a really good makeup artist so she could always wash away her beauty if she got too vain.



Emperor Han and the Golden Touch
©William May (aged 12 years)

Once upon a time there was a beautiful palace near a rainforest in the middle of Vietnam where an emperor called Han lived. Han loved two things in the world, his daughter Kim Long and GOLD!! Han's daughter Kim Long loved her tropical flowers so much that she went into the rainforest everyday to water them and enjoy their fragrant scent. One day Han was on his throne when he thought he heard something down in the cells beneath the palace where he kept his piles of gold. Han was so greedy that he ran down to the cells as fast as his legs could carry him. When Han got there he found everything to be in order but he started to count his gold anyway. Suddenly a man appeared before him and Han, thinking the man was going to take his gold covered it with his arms. The man said that he did not want Han's money and that he was a Khang who was going to grant him one wish. Han as greedy as he was wished that whatever he touched would turn to gold and then the man granted Han's wish. Han rushing to try it out did not hear the man say that if he wanted to reverse the spell he would have to go to the river and wash his hands. Han rushed upstairs and into the palace where he touched everything he could see. Instantly everything he saw turned to gold! At breakfast the next morning Han went to eat his rice and as he touched it, it turned to gold! Han realised this was a problem and thought back to the moment in the cells beneath the palace but he could not remember anything at all. Han started to cry and ran deep into the rainforest, and as he did he brushed past the flowers and they turned to gold! Kim Long rushed out and saw the flowers and started to cry as well. To cheer themselves up they went to hug each other but as Han did so he touched her and she turned to gold. Han started to cry again and this time there was no-one to cheer him up. Han called out to the Khang to help him and the Khang appeared again. The Khang repeated his last words and Han this time listened. Han hurried to the river, washed his hands then filled a lei full of water and hurried back to the palace where he poured the water over Kim Long’s body. Han and Kim Long lived happily ever after because Han had learnt his very important lesson of how he should not be greedy.


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