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My Voyage of Hope
©Simon Torpy (aged 11 years)

There once lived a boy named Chin Chong Shimane who dreamed of living a life of peace. His dreams were always the same. They wanted green fields with wild flowers instead of landmines and quiet blue skies with no bombs. All this was not possible because he was in the middle of a raging war in Vietnam. One night he heard his parents talking about going to Australia in a boat. Chin Chong Shimane thought about this but then suddenly he remembered, from hearing about it at school, that this was not allowed. He then thought about this exciting idea again and decided that he was both scared but still quite excited. The next night he and his family crept out of their house and snuck past the guards to get to the dock. He and his family quickly jumped into a boat with the other refugees who were travelling to Australia, while trying not to get noticed by the armed guards. The next day while travelling they found themselves in the middle of a large storm. It was very hard but in the end Chin Chong Shimane’s dad got them out of it. The dad was then named the captain of the boat because of his knowledge of using a compass.

After many weeks of travelling they came close to being burnt from the lava of a volcano. Amazingly they nearly mistook a volcano for the coast guard. Soon they arrived in Australia, thin, hungry and sunburnt. They were settled in a migrant hostel in Adelaide where Chin Chong saw the fields and skies of his dreams and strove to live a happy life.

Something Has Changed!
©Holly Rawson (aged 11 years)

My name is Sui-lin; I am 5 years old. I have always lived in Vietnam until now. I live with my mother, father, three brothers, my grandparents, auntie and uncle.
I’ve heard my parents talking about a war going on in Vietnam. At first I didn’t believe them, but I know now and I’m a bit frightened. I used to feel safe and happy in my village but
..something has changed.
All my friends keep talking about this war and some people have even disappeared.
My family packed up our clothes, some food and left our home in the middle of the night.
We left Vietnam in a small wooden fishing boat and it really smelt of fish, yuck! It made me feel sick and a bit scared. After many days we came to a place called Borneo. We didn’t have much to eat or drink there. We then sailed to Java and then onto Timor where we were able to collect fresh water and rice. It was a very long trip and my tummy hurt.
We finally arrived in a place called Darwin. It was hot. I didn’t know what people were saying and I didn’t like the food that we were given. But luckily the people there let us stay and they took us to the doctors to make sure we were well and had no diseases.
After a while my family made our new home in Melbourne. It is cold here but we have been given warm clothes and a flat to live in.

Now I feel safe and happy again.
Some things really have changed!


A Simple Wish
©Stephanie Sanson (aged 12 years)

When you hear stories the normal storyline involves a problem, someone fixes that problem and we all live happily ever after… Blah…blah…blah. That is nonsense in most stories but here is a story that might have a happy ending, a really true happy ending in which where everyone wins. It all depends on YOU!
I am a fixie of the world between worlds and my name is Collie. Let me explain…
Firstly, I bet you’ve never heard of a fixie!!!??? Well a fixie is a cross between a fairy and a pixie. People always interpret fairies and pixies wrongly. They are not fairy tale creatures who have no purpose or are mischievous and cause trouble; they are the things that give small children hope. Because magic, you see, is more powerful than “Abracadabra!” It is the special thing inside you that makes you, you. It is all about love and compassion for others, understanding the way they act and to help them because no one is ever past the stage of help. Anyway, when I say “the world between worlds” I mean a place that is between reality and magic. Each person who is to come and has been, has their own special fixie. But not everyone needs their fixie, because fixies only come to you when you really need them. I don’t just mean need them but when you REALLY need them. That’s when they come. Your fixie can never talk to anyone but you and no one else can see or hear them. And another point is if you don’t want to listen to your fixie you can’t hear them either. Anyways, I am going to tell you about my little girl, and how she desperately needed help.
It was a normal day in the in between worlds. I had woken up (as normal) gone up to the fixish temple to pray (as usual) but something was wrong… it was like a part of me was missing. I decided (at around lunch time) that enough was enough. I was going to Shira for answers. Shira is the head of our fixie community and she is the one who tells us if our child needs us or not. So I marched right in on her during her lunch.
“Sorry to disturb you, Shira, but I have a problem!” I said,
“Sit down and tell all!” Shira replied smoothly.
“Well…” I began, “well, you see everything is normal except… I feel something inside of me is missing.”
“Your child needs you, now.” She said casually. And she snapped her fingers and off I went. I appeared in a room where a young girl no older than thirteen was sprawled across the floor with a desperate look on her face. I could tell immediately that she was busting to cry but somehow she was holding it in, not allowing herself let it all go. I danced over to her and jumped lightly onto her shoulder. The moment I touched her I felt heavy and depressed. I knew she was going through incredible pain, more painful than a flesh wound. It was deep, very deep and something or someone had hurt her very badly, physically and mentally. I think she must have felt my presence because she sat up and looked at me. No… no she was looking towards the door. There were footsteps… of a man. The door swang open and he strode towards her; he grabbed her arm and pulled her towards the bed…
Again there were no tears only a crippling inner scar that had been left from last night’s events. I gently landed by her face and kissed her on the cheek. (This is the one way that you can make someone aware that your fixie is with you.) So I kissed her and she suddenly looked up at me. There was wisdom in her young eyes; I could tell she knew who and what I was and why I was there. And her eyes told her story; I could read them like a book. Here is what they said:
My name is Becky, I am thirteen. My story starts like this… When I was eight we moved from our lovely house in Queensland to New South Wales. We moved because my father had a gambling addiction and, my mum just couldn’t cope! She had warned him but no he would not listen. But no matter how far away from him we went he would find out where we were and would follow. Finally my mother had my father arrested and sent to prison. We now live on number 6 Brook Road. I have lived here now for… four years and during those four years my mother has remarried. Mum has never been so happy, I love my new dad and he is the best! I was very happy until only a few months ago, when a man around the age of 20-25 moved in just down the street. My mum put a lot of trust in him, for example: when dad is at work he comes and picks me up from school and when Mum and dad take a weekend trip he looks after me. These are the times that he hurts me. I can’t tell mum because she puts so much trust in him and she wouldn’t believe me! I feel so lost but I am strong and would not be caught crying.
The door swung open, and her mother entered the room. Becky ran up to her and hugged her.
“Are we going home now?” she asked.
“Yes sweetie!” her mum replied. Becky ran out and hopped into the car.
At home Becky sat down and began talking to me again,
“I can’t tell mum! She wouldn’t believe me!” Becky said.
“You would be surprised you know, plus she loves and trusts you more than him!” I told her.
“I’m just ready to tell her!” she whimpered.
“OK then!” I finally replied.
“Knock! Knock! Knock!”
“Who is it?” Becky yelled.
“It’s me!” It was the one who had hurt her so badly. He entered…
“No! Not this time!” He would not get away with it when Becky’s mum was in the house! “HELP! MUM! MUM! MUM!” Becky’s mum flew up the stairs and quickly entered the room…
The man is now in jail. Becky’s mother has organised counselling and spends every minute she can with her daughter. The counselling will never heal the scars but it will help her come to terms with what she has been through.
Becky became a well-known author, and in her books expressed her one simple wish: for everyone in the world being treated with respect and equality.

Oh! Yeah, just a little note tabbed onto the end of this story:
Becky’s wish can come true.
It does all depends of YOU!


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