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Thank you

Without the support of the children, staff and parents of Pulteney Grammar School in Adelaide the peace-building activities would never have been created.

A very special thank you needs to go to the child authors whose wonderful stories have been presented in this book, and to the present Assistant Principal, Mrs Mandy Hore, the previous Assistant Principal, Mr Christopher Duncan (presently Principal of Lindisfarne Anglican School, Tweed Heads), the previous Prep School Librarian Mrs Christine Giles and teachers Mr Rodger Koschade, Mr Stephen Vincent, Mr Paul Hodgins and Ms Vanessa Couche.

Lyn Huddy, Leon Huddy, Peter Kasser, Michelle Hodgins, Paul Hodgins, Hamid Hossaini, Robyn Ewing, David Smith and Dennis Mason thank you for believing in the dream.

We are extremely grateful for the support given by Dr Jane Goodall, Mary Lewis and Dr Ralph Summy.

Ann Mason Dec 08.

The Teaching and Learning for Peace Foundation is a non-profit organisation, endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as an income tax exempt charity (ITEC). The Foundation earns income from presenting storytelling workshops, from the publishing and selling of any materials, whether this be in relation to any the Foundation produces or uses, or from advertising of books or peace-building activities organised by other peace-building groups at the website or via our workshops. All our services are are available to any individual or community, both locally and internationally, who wish to use any of them. In 2005 we began applying for grants from organisations that may wish to sponsor the publication and distribution of this guide free of charge to any interested individuals.

Copyright of the peace-building information presented in this guide is held by the Foundation and no pages are to be reprinted without permission being sought of the Foundationís administration.
Thank you,
TLP Board Members


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